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Allianz deutscher Designer (AGD) e. V.


Steinstraße 3, 38100 Braunschweig, Telefon: +49 (0)531.16757, Telefax: + 49 (0)531.16989, Internet: http://www.agd.de

sleek at a Special Price

AGD members pay just €20 for an annual subscription instead of the normal €32. [more...]

The Story of Letters

Titel Buchstabengeschichte(n)

Max Bollwage on the alphabet – just reviewed, and now available in the  AGD Shop.

Double Victory for Lokay

Awards für Lokay

Lokay, the printers which produces the agd|viertel magazine, was the big winner at the 2010 Print&Media Awards. [mehr...]

News on Sustainable Design

Design Thinking, a brochure about Green Fashion Design and book-sharing [here ...]

Safety at Work in Design Offices

Some Information from Lutz Gathmann, safety technician and AGD Designer [here …]

The AGD Image Film

Sreenshot AGD Imagefilm

The diploma work of Wolfgang Amboss and Patrick Weiser, students of Media Structure at the Mainz University of Applied Science. Have fun watching it!

Design Strengthens Mid-Sized Companies

Titel der Dokumentation: Design stärkt den Mittelstand

The documentation from the event organised by the iDD and the BMWi is now also available as a PDF file >>.

Obligatory Information in Business Letters

Who has to provide what information? Legal tips for members [read...]

Examples for All

New government study on "Design for All" [read...]

AGD Voucher

Any AGD member who can sign up someone else to join will receive a voucher worth €48. [more for members...]


A warm welcome to the AGD, the Alliance of German Designers

Our website provides information for designers on a wide range of subjects relevant to their profession. Free-lancers just starting out will find as much of interest here as experienced designers – though part of the website is reserved for AGD members.

Prospective clients can obtain information about the approximately 3,000 AGD members and look for precisely those designers who suit the projects they have in mind. In addition, there is a wealth of information about the basic requirements for successful professional co-operation. And of course members of the general public with an interest in design are also welcome. Get to know the AGD.


EU Protection for Designs and Aesthetic Models – this way

Protection of copyright and EU aesthetic models does not depend on registering the work. But when there is a dispute it is often impossible to produce enough proof of when the designer did the creative work. PriortMart and DesignProtection offer solutions – with special conditions and additional information for AGD designers.  [read more...]


Archive 2009


Archive 2008


It’s a recurring issue: companies call for proposals and attempt to dictate dubious conditions. The art of getting the pitch right is explained in a brochure from the Association of Independent Design Studios (Verein Selbständige Design-Studios or SDSt e.V.). And the SDSt is backing up the written word with Best Practice seminars which AGD members can attend for special rates. [see report]


What She (He) Says, Matters

"Alien" von Jörn Zimmermann

Communication – and its consequences! – can be described as a discipline for genuine heavyweights. On Leadership Strengths and Leadership Competence – an essay in german by Isabel von Heymann. [read...]